Concierge Services

WE Care

CRB mandate is to keep resident’s property secure and make you feel safe. We greet you when you come home, we receive your parcels when you are not home. We welcome your guests with our warm smile. We offer our helping hand whenever is needed. We safeguard your property like ours. CRB concierge respects each resident’s privacy and confidentiality.

Special Event Concierge Services

CRB offers special event Concierge Services.

  • New building move-ins
  • Monitoring Scheduled moves in/out
  • Annual in-suite security system inspection
  • Special event concierge
  • In suite fire alarm testing
  • In suite dryer duct cleaning

Building Maintenance Services

CRB offers full-time and part-time building maintenance managers to upkeep your property in prestigious condition.

  • React to emergency situations such as water leakage
  • Communicate and monitor trades
  • Perform and document routine inspection and maintenance issues
  • Carry out minor repairs on site such as change light bulbs and paint job
  • Keep check on supplies inventory
  • Maintaining close communication with Strata Managers
  • Clean common areas as needed
  • Work with concierge closely to maintain excellent building condition

Janitorial Services

CRB cleaning team is fully trained. We clean, sanitize and keep your building in good condition. Perform cleaning duties such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls, glass doors, windows and removing rubbish. We sanitize lift buttons, handles, staircase railings, all door handles and doors. These are the main touch points that residents in containment zones in the building.